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Your food claims to be healthy. Is it?

  • Food, Retail, Health
  • Data, Blockchain, Spatial
  • 3 weeks

Approach: Help a healthy food store validate itself from the competition offering transparency as a service. A mobile app for a healthy food blockchain network lets users check all the information about their food just scanning it, offering proof for the brand's claim on health benefits.

Neural networks for anomaly detection on power lines

  • Energy
  • Data, Spatial, Cognitive
  • 3 weeks

Approach: Shift reactive maintenance to predictive detection of rust and anomalies in power lines and electrical towers, using deep learning on drone's images and machine learning on satellital data. Integrated autonomous flight schedule and geolocated alarms in a single solution.

Smart tech to put a stop to wine fraud

  • Food, Retail, Agribusiness
  • Data, Blockchain, Spatial
  • 3 weeks

Approach: Solve the multi-billion dollar collectible wine counterfeit problem using blockchain technology paired with single use labels with QR-codes. Connect the whole supply chain and deliver a premium experience to customers inside a trusted system.

Using weather data for alerting workers on the front lines

  • Energy, Retail, Cities, Agribusiness, Telecom
  • Data, Spatial
  • 1 month

Approach: Develop a unified weather API over our platform, which delivers real-time geolocated alerts for pre-defined and custom incidents, discriminating different degrees of criticality. Easily customizable messages for embedded apps and dashboards.

Revolutionize mental healthcare in Covid Times

  • Health, Industrial
  • Data, Cognitive
  • 1 month

Approach: Assist mental healthcare professionals diagnosing patients, automatically generating support information about their interactions by analyzing their video sessions using our AI models.

Carbon Footprint: raising consumer awareness

  • Health, Industrial, Retail
  • Data, Cognitive, Blockchain
  • 3 weeks

Approach: Can we help consumers choose products responsibly? Crossing information about products, transportation and logistics, we developed a set of badges (gamification) that indicate the CO2 footprint of the product and provides references to similar ones with less impact on the planet.

Speeding up cattle load with AI

  • Food, Agribusiness
  • Data, Cognitive, Spatial
  • 2 weeks

Approach: Automate cattle identification and weigth measuring for the livestock market trough computer vision. From first meeting to re-trained models in just 10 days. Plus factor: a plate recognition API to accelerate truck idenfitication.

Big Query migration: survive the data tsunami

  • Energy, Retail, Finance, Telecom, Agribusiness
  • Data, Spatial
  • 1 month

Approach: Fast migration of silo datawarehouses and data lakes into Google's Cloud Storage and Big Query. Automated schema creation, data type recognition, hot-cold partitioning approach and expensive query detection.


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