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Woza Platform

Transparency and Sustainability: the New Normal

As increased awareness of the environmental and social impact of modern consumerism is changing the way consumers behave, sustainability becomes as essential as financial viability.
We are helping brands to make information transparent, protect themselves against counterfeiting, improve food safety and coordinate the entire supply-chain.

Artificial Intelligence helping curb deforestation Empowering consumer democratizing data Promoting regional economy while reducing Carbon Actionable insights for Market Forecasting Smart tech to put a stop to wine fraud Speeding up cattle load with AI Ensure that ingredients are supplied from sustainable sources.

Transparency & Traceability

Improving transparency in processes and supply chains through blockchain.

ESG Metrics

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Satellite Images for Carbon & Water Footprint in goods.

Geospatial Insights

Providing insights from location based data, revealing patterns and trends.

One Platform,
many solutions.

Technology is only one step in your innovation journey, which is why we are developing processes and tools for food industries so you can deploy your solutions just in a few days.



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