Universal Spatial identification

Transform your fields into blockchain assets.
Create a digital twin of every geospatial asset and get proof of their atributes. GeotoID is a simple and secure solution that acts as an interface for the exchange of digital geospatial information. Each asset is mapped to a unique ID, which allows you to integrate information from various sources and connect it with blockchain networks.

The smartest way to integrate geospatial identity, proofs, blockchain and data.

Identity & Proof

Generate Unique blockchained IDs that connect your fields in physical space to online digital assets.


From sutainable data, supply chain to yield, weather & prediction. Linked with multiple data providers.

Simple API

Connect with blockchain networks, share data only using a real-time API without altering your core processes.

Empowering food production

Enables developers to manage, share and get access to large amounts of data with one-click.

  • Sustainable forestry & deforestation.
  • Field info related to practices, crops & results.
  • Food info to create consumer awereness.
  • Spatial Smart-Contracts on top of shared location data.

Improving efficiency & control

Enabling energy industry leaders to improve processes and data for the production lifecycle.

  • Detect failures and rust applying Artificial Intelligence.
  • Share your assets securely.
  • Detect and classify objects using Drone Providers.
  • Improve efficiency with weather forecasts and users knowledge.

One Platform, many Solutions.

Let’s make a more transparent World!