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Companies are drowning in a tech tsunami. We are simplifying it so you can stay on top.
In this fast-changing, complex world, the era of blank page consulting is over.
We are looking 5 years into the future, researching and developing a new approach for rapid innovation.

Success Stories

Evolving the way innovation services are provided

We discovered what was missing: a repeatable method for delivering real impact to the world, by developing technology products that provide the foundations of sustainable new businesses. We’ve found the processes and developed the tech to systematize innovation.

Startup agility.

The traditional approach to product development is too complex and costly, and the process often takes longer than expected. Our labs help innovators boost their way.

Business impact.

Throught intensive exploration, we'll help you truly understand what your customers need and develop the right solutions to accelerate business growth.

De-risk new ideas.

We help you navigate fundamental technology shifts in a sandbox, maximizing returns on investment in uncertain contexts.

Solutions with our Building Blocks.

Your food claims to be healthy. Is it?

  • Food
  • Blockchain, Data

Help healthy food store validate itself from the competition offering transparency as a service. A mobile app for blockchain network lets users check all the information about their food.

Neural networks for anomaly detection

  • Energy
  • Cognitive, Spatial

Shift reactive maintenance to predictive detection of rust and anomalies in power lines and electrical towers, using deep learning on drone's images and satellital data.


10x impact, not just research.

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