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Building Blocks

New approach.

Human-centered approaches are not enough by themselves, that is why we enhance it with a technological platform. Reinventing the wheel is the most common mistake, we're here to solve it.

Building blocks.

The 4 key transformation areas for Industry 5.0 are strongly related. Interconnected blocks allow us to eliminate the cost of integration, giving complete models, not individual pieces.


Using the platform as a sandbox, we can test from the beginning, accelerating the process and being able to obtain feedback. We don't think in term of technologies, we think solutions.

Playing with our building blocks.

By combining our building blocks in creative ways, we bring you the tech boost needed for your business to affirm its purpose as a solution-provider for our society.


  • End-to-end analytics to get faster accurate insights.
  • Transition from Data Silos to a single source of truth.
  • Ready made visualization dashboards for every industry.


  • Pre-trained AI models for every vertical.
  • Automated industrial anomaly detection & alerts.
  • Accelerate visual recognition & classifications.


  • From satellites' images to problem solving algorithms.
  • Easily connect to multiple geospatial data sources.
  • Detect, Identify and Tag geospatial assets.


  • Transparent, distributed supply chain traceability.
  • Your gateway to every blockchain network.
  • Blockchain based solutions for industry 5.0.



Fit Market's Food Traceability

Building the Fit project


Helping healthy food brands share insights and bring transparency over their products.

Integra Labs' Supply Chain Traceability

Revolutionizing crops' traceability


Integra Labs leverages Followit as a core tech to connect every actor in the supply chain.

Lisk Berlin Center

Lisk Berlin

Our video presentation for Lisk's Berlin Center Opening Event.

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