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When it comes to technology, there’s no turning back. Much like the previous four industrial revolutions, the fifth will reshape the industrial paradigm, bringing inevitable changes to every industry.

Businesses will have to dominate tech's complexity to meet the required pace of change and embed creativity into efficient processes, while rethinking their approach in respect to the environmental impact to lead the Green Transition by example.

Woza's platform is your key innovation accelerator and enabler of change. We've developed innovative technologies in a human-centric way to support and empower your business' journey to Industry 5.0.

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Who would have thought that just collecting data was not big data?


Can you imagine getting insights from all the satellites in 1 click?


When do you think your key machine is going to burst up?


Do you know if what you’re eating is really organic?

Playing with our building blocks.

By combining our building blocks in creative ways, we bring you the tech update needed for your business to affirm its purpose as a solution-provider for our society.


Transparency as a Service for a Sustainable World

Carefully designed so that any business can easily create its own traceability network. Interact with any existing blockchain technology in 3 simple steps.


Transform your geo-assets into blockchain assets.

Create a digital twin of every geospatial asset and get proof of their atributes. Connect, Access and Share information through APIs.

Success Stories

An expert team to guide you on your innovation journey.

In this fast-changing, complex world, the era of blank page consulting is over. We are looking 5 years into the future, researching and developing a new approach for rapid innovation. We can join your team and help you apply 10x thinking, startup agility and deep technology to transform your business now.




Fit Market's Food Traceability

Building the Fit project


Helping healthy food brands share insights and bring transparency over their products.

Integra Labs' Supply Chain Traceability

Revolutionizing crops' traceability


Integra Labs leverages Followit as a core tech to connect every actor in the supply chain.

Lisk Berlin Center

Lisk Berlin

Our video presentation for Lisk's Berlin Center Opening Event.

Innovation does not wait for bystanders.

Embrace the future!