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Woza Platform is a faster, better, tested way to innovate.
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Our Buiding Blocks provide holistic end-to-end solutions to accelerate key areas for change.

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Who would have thought that just collecting data was not big data?


Can you imagine getting insights from all the satellites in 1 click?


When do you think your key machine is going to burst up?


Do you know if what you’re eating is really organic?

Solutions with our Building Blocks

Your food claims to be healthy. Is it?

  • Food
  • Blockchain, Data

Help a healthy foods store validate itself from the competition offering transparency as a service. A mobile app for a healthy food blockchain network lets users check all the information about their food.

Neural networks for anomaly detection on power lines

  • Energy
  • Cognitive, Spatial

Shift reactive maintenance to predictive detection of rust and anomalies in power lines and electrical towers, using deep learning on drone's images and satellital data. Integrated autonomous flight schedule and geolocated alarms.


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