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Boosting and empowering Industries 5.0
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Woza Platform

Empowering every team
with good tech.

We know how high performance teams work. A large portion of development time is spent on tasks that do not add value, such as detecting useful technologies, new trends or looking for the key accelerator of the desired case. This is why we created the Woza platform. We integrate the best technologies in each key area of digital transformation and make it available to development teams through a simple API.

New approach

Human-centered approaches are not enough by themselves, that is why we enhance it with a technological platform. Reinventing the wheel is the most common mistake, we're here to solve it.

Building Blocks

The 4 key transformation areas for Industry 5.0 are strongly related. Interconnected blocks allow us to eliminate the cost of integration, giving complete models, not individual pieces.


Using the platform as a sandbox, we can test from the beginning, accelerating the process and being able to obtain feedback. We don't think in term of technologies, we think solutions.

One Platform,
many solutions.

Technology is only one step in your innovation journey, which is why we are developing processes and tools for tech teams so you can deploy your solutions just in a few days.






An expert team to guide you on your innovation journey.

In this fast-changing, complex world, the era of blank page consulting is over. We are looking 5 years into the future, researching and developing a new approach for rapid innovation. We can join your team and help you apply 10x thinking, startup agility and deep technology to transform your business now.

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